KPC Incorporation Service Agreement (Incorp-2023)

1. The application is confirmed to process once this application form is submitted to us and / or the payment is settled. For all-new company, if the client would like to cancel the application or revise the details (e.g. company name, directors’ / shareholders’ particulars, etc.), administration fees of HK$2,000 would be applied. Upon submission of the
signed registration documents to the Companies Registry, the charged full package fees with the pro-rata virtual office fees (if applicable) would be put into effect without
refund. For ready-made company, the charged full package fees with the pro-rata virtual office fees (if applicable) would be put into effect without refund once the application
is confirmed, in spite of any subsequent cancellation or details revision request.
此申請表一經遞交給本公司及/或服務費用已悉數繳付,申請便已作實。對於成立全新公司的個案,客戶如欲取消申請或更改有關資料(如公司名稱、董事及股東資料等),本公司將收取港幣2,000 元手續費。而倘若我們已把客戶所簽署的註冊文件呈上公司註冊處,客戶所落實繳付之全數服務配套費用及按比例計算之虛擬辦公室服務費用(如適 用)將不予退還。另外,對於成立現成公司的個案,一旦其申請經已作實,假使客戶其後欲取消申請或更改相關資料,客戶所落實繳付之全數服務配套費用及按比例計算之虛 擬辦公室服務費用(如適用)將不予退還。

2. If the client has not or no longer settled the service fee to appoint us as the company secretary of his / her company, our company has the right to dispose the company kit
(including all documents inside) and will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, cost or additional expense which may occur as a result of the disposal.
如客戶並未或不再委任我們出任其公司之公司秘書一職(即並未向本公司支付公司秘書服務費用),本公司有權決定如何處理客戶仍存放在本公司的綠色文件硬盒套裝及在內 之所有文件。任何因此決定或行動而可能直接或間接引致之損失、損害、費用或額外開支,本公司概不會負上任何責任。

3. This authorization is to confirm the official appointment of our company as your authorized registered agent of arranging your company’s Company Secretary and having the right to pass the required information to third party for further processing upon receipt of documents.

4. You can select more than 1 option. UBO stands for ultimate beneficial owner, and shareholder shall be deemed to be the UBO. If your
company’s UBO is different from shareholder, you ought to notify our consultant in advance.
閣下可選多於一個選項。UBO 意思為最終實益擁有人,而股東應被視為UBO。若貴公司的UBO 與股東有所不同,事必預先通知我們。

5. For application more than 3 applicants, additional surcharge of HKD 500/applicant applied.


*KPC shall not in any circumstances be liable or responsible for any losses, damages, costs, claims, expenses of liabilities of whatever nature (including consequential loss) and however caused arising from or in connection with the provision of Services hereinabove.
*I declare that all the submitted information is correct and the stated terms & conditions has been read and agreed. I also accept that payment for this service is non-fundable under any circumstances